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What's our difference? It's our intimate knowledge of IT contracting from 20+ years experience as contractors ourselves. We've seen high performing project teams and projects that get into difficulty; amazing IT contractors and very ordinary IT contractors.

This experience means we know what makes a good IT contractor:

  • The right mix of technical skills, soft skills, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • The ability to ramp up rapidly, and the resilience to push through when facing difficulties.
  • The commitment to life-long learning and an internal drive for professional development.
  • It's about teamwork, coaching others and sharing knowledge to create an enduring capability in the organisation.

It's our ability to judge these elements in a candidate that sets us apart from other recruitment companies.

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Join someone you can trust. We're not salespeople, we're a company of IT contractors who want to share our industry connections and contracting knowledge.

Why contract with us?

  • Our inside knowledge of what employers are looking for means we target how we present you, optimising your chances of getting the contract.
  • Our expert knowledge in current contractor market rates will ensure that you get the best rate possible.
  • Our low overheads means low margins and more money in your pocket.
  • We'll give you the guidance and support you need to take your career further.

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Where is the Data + Digital company?

In 2019, we changed the structure of our businesses to focus on their core speciality:

  • Pragmatic ICT is our dedicated IT recruitment company.
  • CrossLateral is our dedicated Data + Digital company.
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